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Fero Király a Zuzana Žabková: Coming back from where I go

Zuzana Žabková born in Slovakia and based between Frankfurt and Prague, is an artist, dancer and choreographer working in the...

23. 5.

Vanda Sárai /H/: East Art Mag

EAST ART MAGS (EAM) is aiming to become a platform of content making about the current proceedings of the contemporary...

30. 5.

Jakub Pišek & Piana Giulia

Sound – dance performance based on dialogues inspired by the show SUVENÍR (Platform 1-12) / in cooperation with the Platform...

6. 6.

Jakub Pišek & Tomas Danielis

Sound – dance performance based on dialogues inspired by the show SUVENÍR (Platform 1-12) / in cooperation with the Platform...

6. 6.

Opening: Soft norm + Social Design

Collaboration of SOFT NORM platform (AFAD,Martin Piaček Bratislava, SK) and Social design studio (Angewandte Kunst Wien, Brigitte Felderer, AT) opening:...

20. 6.

Helfried Carl (At)

The discussion with the Ambassador of Austria in Bratislava.

27. 6.


Juraj Čarný & Dano Dida & Martina Ivičič: TRAM

Gallery and cultural center in the TRAM train was prepared in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy, Österreichisches Kulturforum Bratislava, ÖBB...

28. 2.

Zuzana Husárová & ľubo Panák : Vlek, zvukovo-poetická performancia

Sound and poetic performance “Vlek” links together sound planes and sound constructs by Ľubomír Panák with live-processed multilingual text of...

7. 3.

Nanxi Liu a Rokko Juhász

Nanxi and Rokko starts their collaboration since 2015. They have performed together in India, China, Philippines, Slovakia, Hungary and also...

21. 3.

Roman Delikát: Pressburger Bahn

Discussion with Roman Delikát about the “Presburger Bahn”. Legendary Vienna tram or Pressburger Bahn. Get to know the history of...

28. 3.

T3 – culture vehicle

T3 – A cultural vehicle is a project of NGO UM, that transformed the decommissioned T3 wagon into an independent...

4. 4.

Gottfried Gusenbauer

Discussion with the curator of the exhibition It has its special attraction, during the train ride to operate the flip...

18. 4.

Institut für Sprachkunst (Zuzana Husárová)

The collective poetic performance is an outcome of the “Movement” course at the Institut für Sprachkunst, The University of Applied...

18. 4.

Festival Fjúžn

Learn about stories of “live books” – people, who will tell you about their life and diverse experiences during your...

25. 4.

Martina Griesser-Stermscheg and Johannes Kapeller (TMW)

The Technical Museum Vienna preserves and collects the history of austrian technology.The Österreichische Mediathek preserves sound and video recordings of...

9. 5.

Opening: Connection

Opening of international exhibition, curated by Curatorial Studies Institiute.   program 05/16/2018 16.00 opening at the Bratislava Central Station 16.38...

16. 5.